Killer Queen


Test 2

She’s a cheeky young lady. She buys bold red handbags and blows kisses at the boys across the street. Her exotic floral scarf dances in the breeze as she makes her way through the promenade to an appointment. “Sorry I’m late. I didn’t want to come,” she says, a wide grin stretching under a light-weight straw fedora.

Every encounter is concluded with her signature flirtatiousness. A quick glance at her watch lets her know she must be off to her next rendezvous. The mystery of this girl grows behind the darkness of her shades. How is she so chic? Can anyone achieve that level of fabulousness?

She’s a modern classic, like Lolita or maybe Lana del Rey. In the end, when she and all her ultra rad accessories have moved on to the next adventure, the heat of her sizzling style still lingers in the air.

Always Deviate,