Florida is most popular for its sunshine tendencies. Everyone believes the Sun is always gleaming in our state, but the truth is the weather here can be just as gloomy as anywhere else on the globe. Recent scattered showers, gray skies and palpable humidity have made it difficult to dress well, so it’s great to see a Fashionista taking a risk with a beautiful outfit on an ugly day.

Alexandra 4

The sweet pastels and simple elegance of Alexandra’s outfit stood out against the afternoon’s cloudy background. On a day where most people opted for leggings and Hunter rain boots, this Fashionista sported a casual black  T-shirt dress and polished beige penny loafers. The outfit tapped into the ease of college life, but it was respectable and appropriate enough for meetings with a professor or announcements at a club event.

Alexandra called on the themes of spring in a gorgeous sea-foam green scarf. Her vintage style pink leather backpack matched the scarf’s flowers, and a green stone ring also played into the earthy tones. Her sleek black leather Daniel Wellington watch juxtaposed the organic flow of the look .

Alexandra 5

Alexandra 6

You can stay stylish no matter what the weather looks like if you create an outfit that is  practical and pretty. Remember that April showers bring May flowers, and who knows what the spring season has in store for you if you’re rocking cool threads and a cute smile!

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Styling in Paris

Gents, Ladies

I spent some time in Paris recently, and naturally I had my eye out for fashion the entire time. During my treks through the arrondissements of the City of Lights, I spotted style far beyond the capabilities of the American simpleton. Although the weather varies from torrential rain to dreamlike sunshine, Parisian ladies and gents keep their style wits about them by finding inspiration in the fast and fierce city.

I quickly realized that bright colors are a huge NO-NO in Paris. Most adults favor black and navy tones for their coats, and neutral hues like white and beige for garments. Here’s how some Fashionista’s made the weather and the trends work for them.

Cassidy Whitman


A bright lip on a rainy day can help put the clouds away!

Jennifer Hernandez

Louvre 1

DSC_0348Of course there were a few deviants who chose to shine in bright colors.

Opera Boys

Paris showed me that no matter what the weather is like, Fashionista’s use it to their advantage to make sure they look their best!

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Spring in Your Step


Spring 1

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

These are a Fashionista’s favorite lines to utter as we enter the season of flower buds and blossoms (The Devil Wears Prada brought our world many gifts), but after wearing puffy down coats and fleece through the treacherous winter months, beautiful floral patterns really are groundbreaking.

I met this Fashionista on my early walk to class in the first days of spring. She wore a cozy knit cropped-sleeve cream sweater to keep her warm in the morning chill, a beautiful navy high-waist skirt with a daisy pattern and stylish Oxford booties. She decorated the look with Ray Bans wayfarer sunnies, a circular owl pendant necklace and a nude watch, and toted a black Longchamp bag.

Spring 2

New Look Sweater

New Look

Nasty Gal Skirt

Nasty Gal

Dorothy Perkins Oxfords

Dorothy Perkins


Note that the outfit is predominantly light, which is something to look forward to in spring, as we often wear grungier colors in the fall and winter. She did a great job with incorporating natural tones, like black, brown and nude, into the look, which can be difficult at times.

Spring 3

Spring means that it’s time to put away those dark pants and worn-out leggings, and vamp up the girly look. Be sweet and dress like a princess. Think Kate Middleton.

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Pick of the Week: Prabal Gurung x Target


Hello Deviants!

As many of you know, the romantic Prabal Gurung for Target collection was released in stores and online this week (if you’re an avid deviant, you know that I previewed it in The Avenue weeks ago).

I wasn’t all too thrilled about the collection, but I won’t get into the details about what I disliked. However, I did really enjoy the purchase I made, which was the Sweatshirt in First Date print. It looked a lot like the men’s Birds of Paradise print Givenchy had in spring 2012 (I am highly influenced by menswear), and that made me feel luxurious. The feel on the inside was great, and it fit really well.

jennie clark 1

Recently, I bumped into this Fashionista in class who happened to be wearing a blouse in the same First Date print. Obviously, we bonded. Jennie Clark purchased several other items from the collection including a lovely black dress with the same print down the middle. She said she really liked the collection, and she can clearly rock it really well on a day-to-day basis (no first date needed).

fringe boots

Jennie paired the attention-grabbing blouse with black denim pants (cuffed at the bottom like a good Fashionista should), and brown fringe booties from, wait for it, ShoeMint. She accessorized with a simple Betsey Johnson gold watch and cute Ray Ban wayfarer sunnies. She followed through on the romantic look with red lipstick, which can honestly be any girl’s best accessory.

jennie clark 2

This colorful look is a great introductory outfit for spring in Florida, even though we’re already back to 50 degrees here (which you already know is freezing). When wearing very deviant pieces, such as the Prabal Gurung blouse, try to keep all of the other aspects of your outfit simple and subtle. Unless you’re going for Elijah’s power-clash look on HBO’s Girls, add black and brown pieces, like Jennie did, that make a statement but don’t offset the main wild piece.

Make sure to check out Jennie’s work with Gainesville Fashion Week, and shop (or at least browse) the Prabal Gurung collection at Target.

Always Deviate,