The Francophile



I found a needle in a haystack: a University of Florida male with the accoutrements of a stylish urban city model or a hipster artist. It’s rare to find a guy at this school who isn’t wearing khaki shorts and a polo shirt, but to find him in garments that indicate knowledge of high fashion and a sense of confidence in daringly original apparel is unheard of. I found a true deviant.

When I saw the words “Céline Paris” scribbled on this young man’s shirt, first I did a double take, then I ran after him for a photo. He agreed excitedly, flashing a gorgeous 100-Watt smile as he posed for pictures. In a matter of minutes, I noticed there was something else. The small details in this guy’s get-up, implemented by only the most stylish human beings, further certified that he was a raging Fashionisto.




Notice the muscle-enhancing cuffs on the black T-shirt, which mirror the fold on the hems of the retro-wash jeans. Feast your eyes on the clean and nifty Nikes that get this dude to class quick and the wicked gold watched that keeps him looking cool upon arrival. Don’t you dare miss the classic Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses, an essential item to combat the central Florida sunshine, and the neon yellow details on the stylish backpack. Too cool for school.

Can someone please get this man a runway?

In the midst of whatever guys think about, many of them forget that they are just as responsible for leaving a good impression as women are. To change up a look this spring, take note from this UF hot rod and try on some French fashion. And in true deviant form, never forget your sparkling smile.


Always Deviate,





What a Rad Lad



Hello Deviants!

I am very excited to welcome the New Year with some photos for my avid followers! Winter is a very exciting time in Florida because we finally get to wear something besides shorts and tanks, and get a break from that scorching heat.

Today, I met this lovely lad who was caring the most adorable puppy! From the first glance I got of this stylish guy, I knew I needed to feature him. His style screams crisp, clean and simple.

A cozy long sleeve is a great way to confront winter in Florida because it can keep you warm under the enormous jackets and coats worn in the frigid mornings, but adapt to the warmer temperatures that are sure to follow throughout the rest of the day.

Fitted khaki pants are a nice way to keep the look neutral and stylish. Cotton pants offer a great mix of comfort and professionalism. The young motivated man on the go!

My favorite part of the look is the shoes, of course! I love light brown leather loafers such as these. They look so comfortable (because I have never actually worn men’s loafers) and they are a refreshing and original take to the Sperry’s trend that is so (obnoxiously) popular at the University of Florida.

This lad added some flare to the look with some groovy aviator sunglasses and a very sleek silver watch. His perfectly quaffed hair was also a great feature for the look, because it brought together the sharp image. A man who’s got his life in order, or at least the illusion of that!

I have to say that this is the perfect outfit for a chilly day at school. There really is no other way to put it. In my opinion, it is much better to spend a couple of extra minutes getting it together, deviating from the fleece-pants norm, and earning a few compliments throughout the day, than getting extra sleep and looking like a homeless person who gets absolutely no attention.

Always Deviate,


The Moc Man


Today Form and Function‘s Justin Galicz let me photograph him.

He was looking extremely stylish in a blue and green plaid with khaki shorts. He added a braided belt, and my favorite part of the outfit, Urban Outfitters moccasins.

I really love his look because it is very Florida friendly. Although it is “fall,” he didn’t throw on layers or heavy clothing, so he wont smother himself for the sake of looking good. Light fabrics with longer sleeves help you stay warm when it’s chilly. He deviates from the normal basketball shorts and t-shirt look that most boys on campus go for.

A lot of guys on campus also go for the boat-style loafer shoes. It gets old fast when you see every other guy on campus wearing the exact same pair of Sperry’s. Rocking some moccasins changes up the uniformity of the style, but preserves the convenience of slip-ons.

You can tell there is not much work that went into the outfit. It’s very laid back, yet Justin managed to look clean and ready for the day. The bold tones compliment  each other and aren’t tacky. Most importantly, he looks very comfortable and confident.

I love a stylish young lad.

Always Deviate,