Kate Spade test

Recently these bags arrived to the photo studio where I intern, and I felt as if someone had delivered a box of luxury sweets. The splendid colors! The sleek leather finish! In an instant, my mind flashed back to the trendy young women I’d read about in Meg Cabot’s books who always donned their chic Kate Spade New York handbags. This is what Meg must have been raving about.

Naturally I found myself collecting, even hoarding, the handbags to style for my test photos. In one hand I held the sweet lavender and savory magenta totes, with tones resembling the delicacies found inside a coffer of Ladurée macaroons. Either of these beauties can add exceptional femininity and playfulness to any summer ensemble, easily becoming a girly girl’s go-to accessory. In the other hand I clutched the sultry black tote, a bag that I instantly gravitated toward due to its malleable aesthetic, which can adapt to any outfit, day or night, all year round. With all the different ways a  Fashionista can wear these bags, it’s no wonder they make them in so many colors!

I styled the dark bag with the bright ones on either side and after a touch of photo magic (about an hour of lighting set-up) I made them look like they were dancing around in bag heaven. I would totally play with all the purses that come in to the studio, but what attracted me to these handbags was the way the designer achieved simple elegance without compromising fun. A mature girl should always make time for amusement.

Always Deviate,