The Trump, Ivanka


Ivanka trump handbags

Sometimes it’s nice to try out new ideas for fun. Not because it will enhance a resume or generate clicks for an online presence, but simply to try it. I approached this Ivanka Trump “Hopewell” shoulder bag with the same mentality, and with an eye on pre-fall styles and a set already built to mimic the fluffy pink afternoons of August, I just went with it.

The forest green handbag, with its smooth scaly leather and golden hardware, sits squarely in front of a mannequin veiled by brown shades and a downy wool hat. The Sun sets on summer as these accessories, with their thick textures and dark, woodsy hues, usher in the autumn season.

Mary the mannequin represents the Fashionista who is brave enough to wear the unusual floppy hat. The young lady who is ready to say goodbye to the lazy days of summer and say hello to the unknown opportunities that fall may bring. Opportunities that can come along with having fun, taking chances and going with your gut as you pursue your goals.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Are you ready to discover what wonders the new season has in store for you?

Always Deviate,