Grad Pics



Today I took my graduation photos. The experience was similar to what I imagine Joan Smalls or Karlie Kloss feel when they strut their stuff during a photo shoot. Rapid-flashing light bulbs, quick camera clicks and theatre-worthy scene changes. I felt like a glamazon.

The shoot was most enjoyable because I had complete control of the art direction. The photographer was kind enough to work closely with me to get the theme just right, instead of just telling me what to do. I aimed for classy college grad with subtle hints of the Gator spirit, and I appreciated that everyone around me (my mom and the photographer, aka, the glam squad) respected my vision for these photos.

I wore a lapis dress from H&M, an orange and blue necklace from Charming Charlie, my favorite Kate Spade leather watch and black leather flats from Steve Madden. The look was simple and casual with a few hints of luxury. I wanted to fill the French salon-inspired room with joyous colors because after four long, arduous years as a college kid, I’M GRADUATING!

Whether you want to capture the end of an important era in your life, or you’re just snapping some fun photos to update your professional profile, make sure you create an environment that makes you feel pretty and confident.

Always Deviate,



Metal Soul


alexa 1An admirable quality in a person’s physical features is when they can seamlessly flip from one look to a completely different look, and host both ensembles with elegance. As you can see, this is the case with Alexa Asendorf.

When we last saw Miss Asendorf, she was primed up in a charming fuchsia blouse and voluminous blue skirt, serving as inspiration for any intern ready to get the job done. Now, in a completely different outfit that pairs the fine texture of leather with the comfortable presence of a crewneck, underlined with a frightening yet alluring death metal vibe, Alexa is still not letting the clothes wear her.

More than an inspirational outfit for whatever funky fresh music festival you’re heading to this summer (for your sake, I hope it’s at night because who can stand black clothes in the summer sun?), this look should be a window into fashion open-mindedness. Do you have to enjoy the musical selections of Poison to confidently wear pieces like these? No. Will music of the sort give you an extra boost of confidence as you walk down the street wearing threads that make you look like trouble? Yes.

Wear anything you want with confidence, and everything you wear will be chic.

Always Deviate,


All-American Awesome


kelkel1Kelsey Martinez is once again the pitter-pattering princess we know and love.

Looking like a cross between an all-American hipster, in a starred-and-striped denim vest, and a goddess in a flowing black maxi dress, Kel rocked the streets of…her neighborhood. Hey, no one ever said there had to be a reason to get dressed up.

I styled the look by tucking the knit crewneck sweater into the maxi skirt. I always go for a high-waist style when I can. I’m also a fan of the cuffed sleeve, which adds a little more flare.


Accessories followed. We pilled on a white chunky necklace, and I wrapped a red rope stud necklace around her wrist for a new twist on a bracelet. A couple of turquoise rings later, we’d made an outfit.

With a toss of her cascading curly locks, some Chapstick and the words “Yay, impromptu photo-shoot!” excitedly racing out of her mouth, this beauty queen was ready to go.

My absolute favorite part of the look? It took 20 minutes to create. Fast outfits can happen, you just need to be inspired. What feels comfortable? A statement necklace? Go for it! Want to to look like a goddess today? What’s stopping you?! If you’re not going to look fabulous every day of you life, what is the point of buying fabulous pieces?

Stop questioning that awesome outfit and wear it before it perishes in your closet.

Always Deviate,



Gents, Ladies

sarah and kevin

Coy. Cute. Coquettish. Confident.

Sarah and Kevin rocked matching racy red coats that crackled on this sunny Florida day and gave the term “his and hers” a fired new edge. The word “tantric” comes to mind. Platonically, of course.

sarah and kevin 2

His: A red track jacket that’s not too heavy but textured enough to stay warm on a day that wont decide whether it will be hot or cold. (A similar style is available at H&M!) A pale blue polo shirt because preppy isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a lifestyle. Light washed taupe corduroy pants, a light brown belt and dark brown shoes.

Hers: A quarter sleeve, lace-detailed cherry blazer with matching lips and a thin belt. A scoop-neck beige top with high-waist black pleated shorts. Wonder-woman jewels that included a gold cuff bracelet on one hand and watch on the other, red and black wing-like earrings and a semi-spherical ring. To round off this Michael Kors-esque sports chic look, black Nike trainers.

These trendy two deviate from the boring blacks and white, and exude a valiant demeanor that is…red hot.

Sleek. Sexy. Sultry. Smart.

As a good friend of mine once said, “Go ahead with your bad self.”

Always Deviate,


The Super Intern



Landing one is half the mission. Surviving it is the other half. Every Fashionista knows that no matter how difficult an internship is, and whether or not you’re doing work that is relevant to your career path, you have to stand out. Leave the impression that will make them remember you when they’re actually willing to pay you.

If it’s a fashion internship, get ready to look your best every day.

Nic Screws is the senior associate fashion market editor at Esquire Magazine, and she’s my teacher. She said she doesn’t expect her interns to dress professionally in the sense that they have to wear a suit and blouse every day. However, pieces like trousers and pencil skirts do not go unnoticed.

I once read in the Teen Vogue Handbook that stylist Jillian Davison left her lasting impression at Harper’s Bazaar by spending big money on a pair of fuchsia shoes. She said that to this day she is still remembered for them.

alexa 2

An eye-catching tone like fuchsia was the basis of the outfit I created with fellow J-School gem, Alexa Asendorf. A pop of pink doesn’t even begin to describe the brightness that characterizes this transfixing blouse.

We paired it with a voluminous blue skirt, adorned with a yellow band at the top. The bright pink needed to contrast with an equally saturated bottom so it wouldn’t just hang there. And look at those pockets!

Alexa slipped into some suede black heels, tied on a beaded necklace and a gold watch, and with her favorite sunnies, the look was ready to go.


Brining your internship look to life with a creative and colorful outfit can mean the difference between “We want you back next summer!” and “It was nice working with you.”

This is not to say that clothes are all that matter at a job, but a bright and cheerful outfit can set the tone for good work ethic and help you acclimate better. And hello! Who wouldn’t want to be the best-dressed intern in the room?

For those of you interning this summer, here are Nic Screws’ tips:

“5 Things I Look for in *Star* Interns:

1. Punctuality. You should always be the first and last person on set. Give yourself time, always, to get to locations you are unfamiliar with, like shoots, studios, etc.

2. Never act above anything. Attitude is everything. We can tell when you think something is not “your responsibility.” It is. We need you.

3. Show a want to learn. Encourage conversations with your supervisor. Express wanting to know about what they do, how they got there, etc. If you show you are there to gain something, we are usually more open to wanting to mentor you.

4. Figure it out. Unless you are seriously confused on the request, never ask questions you can figure out on your own, like phone numbers and tracking numbers. Be proactive and just make it happen.

5. Reliability. Make me/us feel like you are always there to lend a hand. You will make yourself available for after hours/off days, etc. The more your success makes me feel that you are trustworthy and capable, the more responsibility I will give you!”

Make sure to check out Alexa’s look on Campus Sartorialist!

Always Deviate,


Natural and Neutral


emily moschnerAnd we’re back with the gorgeous Emily Moschner, looking like a sultry siren with those luscious locks.

Last time we saw Miss Moschner, she was all bundled up in colorful fall pieces. Now that it’s spring, she’s wearing very light and neutral pieces because, surprise, surprise, it’s suffocatingly hot.

A forest green top with a ruffled side style, a beige open-knit shawl and some patterned navy shorts gave her a serene hippie vibe.

Colorful beads adorned her neck, and she added a thin gold belt for a little attitude. She wore tan flats for a smooth trek up and down the hills of Gainesville in style.

emily 2

Why does Emily look so great? Because she’s comfortable. Nothing is tight or exaggerated in this outfit, everything just fits. You can tell she woke up in the morning and had one of those “This is what I’m going to wear today!” moments, where you know exactly how you’re feeling and how you’re going to present that feeling. A simple look that’s very calm but gorgeous and glowing.

Always Deviate,


The J-School Gem


kathry varnI cannot tell you how long I’ve been after Kathryn Varn for a feature. From the moment I saw the super chic journalist wearing Oxfords and a maxi skirt around the J-School, I knew I had to take her picture. Ms. Varn is as fearless with her wardrobe as she is with her reporting.

kathryn varn 2

She layered a stripped crewneck sweater over a denim blouse, letting the blouses’ tail peeking out from the front and cuffing the sleeves. A sparkling gold necklce added a little femininity. Her black denim pants had a worn-in look with a strong vintage feel.

kat varn shoes

And then there were the maroon Dr. Martens. There’s nothing else I can really say about them besides… ahh-mazing. If you’re looking for a shoe to be the novelty piece in an edgy outfit, it’s combat boots. A rare color like maroon or red makes them all the more fabulous and street-credible.

This outfit isn’t trying very hard, yet it deviates. On days when you don’t know what to wear because the weather is misbehaving, like it tends to do in Gainesville, this is a go-to look for comfort, style and basic badassness.

Always Deviate,


Comme de Gents at UF


neo wu

When I saw this gentleman’s T-shirt on the bus ride to school I was dead set on taking his picture. I mean, come on! He’s wearing a Comme de Garçons T-shirt like it’s a Hanes cotton tee. “No big deal, just my Comme de Garçons tee on a Monday morning,” he thinks to himself.

I love it when people incorporate hints of high fashion into everyday outfits, especially when guys do it. It shows that they are smart. Yes, wearing a shirt from a brand most people have never heard of makes you smarter than the rest of the people around you. It’s cultured.

Neo Wu threw on a plaid blue long-sleeve, some gray trousers and orange suede boots to make an outfit that is just chic enough to look cool, but effortless enough to look like he might naturally be this stylish. I always stress how important it is to deviate from the khaki and boat shoes trend that seems to be engraved in the minds of UF gents.

Style makes the man who leaves an impression.

Always Deviate,


Walking on sunshine


kelsey martinez

One of my favorite things to do is bring back Fashionistas who have been featured on TSD previously and see how their style has evolved.

Kelsey Martinez has been an faithful deviant since before TSD existed. Having already been featured on here before, and on College Fashionista, Kel Kel knows that when she’s around me and she’s looking good, photographs will be taken.

On this day, Kel looked like a princess in minimal accessories and subtle tones. She layered a sweet rose cardigan with a thin cream crewneck sweater on top of fitted, cuffed jeans. She threw on some light brown strappy sandals, a pair of Ray Bans aviators and, like every princess should, a gorgeous multi-colored headband.

The outfit is perfect for springtime weather in Florida. It’s warm enough for the chilly mornings and heat-stroke inducing afternoons that characterize the season.

The most important accessory on this Grecian goddess’ (yes, mademoiselle is Greek) is her warm, optimistic smile! Nothing is more alluring than a person who is happy, comfortable and welcoming.

Before you slip into any outfit, remember to slip into a good mood, because attitude is everything.

Always Deviate,


Black & Blue



One of my favorite color combinations for winter weather is black and blue. It’s a tough-looking mix, but it is crazy cool and, if executed properly, it can be very feminine and stylish.

Allyssa rocked the combination very well in this floral-printed blue dress with black accents. It’s a very girly dress that forms her body well, and it’s short enough to keep the look flirty.

My favorite part about this look is the black. Obviously, you already know that black is trending among the UF fashion elite, and the recent cold weather has allowed us to wear more heavy pieces in the bold color. Allyssa’s leather is all about the tough look. Rugged leather is always a good way to go when it’s chilly out.

She kept the bad-girl look going with black tights and leather boots. Although it can some times be difficult to pair different leather pieces together, you can achieve the proper balance by adding two simple pieces to a look.

This girl looks chic, stylish and punk rock. Dare to be daring.

Always Deviate,