The Francophile



I found a needle in a haystack: a University of Florida male with the accoutrements of a stylish urban city model or a hipster artist. It’s rare to find a guy at this school who isn’t wearing khaki shorts and a polo shirt, but to find him in garments that indicate knowledge of high fashion and a sense of confidence in daringly original apparel is unheard of. I found a true deviant.

When I saw the words “Céline Paris” scribbled on this young man’s shirt, first I did a double take, then I ran after him for a photo. He agreed excitedly, flashing a gorgeous 100-Watt smile as he posed for pictures. In a matter of minutes, I noticed there was something else. The small details in this guy’s get-up, implemented by only the most stylish human beings, further certified that he was a raging Fashionisto.




Notice the muscle-enhancing cuffs on the black T-shirt, which mirror the fold on the hems of the retro-wash jeans. Feast your eyes on the clean and nifty Nikes that get this dude to class quick and the wicked gold watched that keeps him looking cool upon arrival. Don’t you dare miss the classic Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses, an essential item to combat the central Florida sunshine, and the neon yellow details on the stylish backpack. Too cool for school.

Can someone please get this man a runway?

In the midst of whatever guys think about, many of them forget that they are just as responsible for leaving a good impression as women are. To change up a look this spring, take note from this UF hot rod and try on some French fashion. And in true deviant form, never forget your sparkling smile.


Always Deviate,





Get the London Look


I absolutely love London. It is quite literally the best city in the world. The streets ooze with originality and vitality. Everywhere you look, there is technological advancement and radical change that would take any outsider by surprise. And the luxury! “Wealthy” doesn’t even begin to describe the levels of lavishness and classic glamour Londoners enjoy. The city is almost too exquisite to be real life, yet too farfetched for even a dream to create.

Oh, and the fashion is also awe-inspiring. I managed to snap some shots of the London look as I floated through the city on my dream cloud, and I found that Fashionistas twinkle, glow and out-shine any style I’ve seen before.

On a hot London day (unheard of, I know), this Fashionista competes with the sun in a blazing gold sequin skirt and a breezy basic tee.


Summer means bursts of saturated tones and strolls through Oxford Street in sneakers and sandals. Sss-sizzling.


High-waist, acid-wash jeans create a classic look for the Bond Street shopper.

Also spotted were fresh white knits, classic bags and sweet smiles all getting London gals ready for summer!


Always Deviate,


What’s that jacket? Margiela?


Fall marks the new year in fashion. The crisp wind signals the unpacking of the cozy cable-knits, the wedge-heeled booties and, of course, the coat you’ll be towing everywhere.

Bundling up in our favorite pieces this year might not mean layering. A look at my favorite fall/winter designers, like Burberry, Celine and Maison Martin Margiela, (photos courtesy of tells me that this season structured jackets and thick coats will have to do. Minimalism is in.

One statement coat that generates enough heat to keep you warm isn’t so bad. When I have too many layers, the clothes feel too tight and my arms start to ache. It’s also so tedious to throw a million things on before leaving the house and have to peal them off when you get back, and then you forget certain pieces…Let’s just say one stylish jacket will be a nice change.

Bumble bee yellow, seductive burgundy and tasty pink offer more than enough optimism to get you ready for fall!

Always Deviate,