Hike Chic


Jennifer 1

As a native Floridian, I’ve never experienced the real autumn season before. I’ve never felt the leaves crush under my feet as I walk, or worn multiple layers of clothing in November, or tracked possible snow storms that might interfere with my plans.

This year, instead of heading to the mall the day after Thanksgiving, my family shook up the routine and headed to the mountains for a hike. We packed up the leftovers, chilled a few water bottles and bundled up for the trail to Morrow Mountain, North Carolina.

jennifer 2

The view at 20,000 feet was astounding and inspirational. Nothing can compare to the power you feel when looking out into a valley where tractors look like ants and great lakes are no larger than puddles. There’s an overwhelming sensation that the world is yours to take, something you can fit in your back pocket.

On the downside, it was freezing cold and my face felt like it was going to split in half. However, I made sure my body was comfortably warm, and my outfit chic, by turning to my favorite basic pieces. Since temperatures throughout the northern hemisphere will continue to drop as winter blows in, here’s a tip on how to step out in style for any outdoor activity.


When you’re layering, it’s important to start from the core. Under all the outerwear, I wore a burgundy knit sweater from H&M. Soft, comfortable and easily addictive, it’s the perfect bottom layer for any winter look.

Over the sweater, I wore a black down coat from London Fog, a comfortable choice for temperatures ranging from 40 to 60 degrees.

But I’m well-acquainted with the kind of chill that crawls down your spine and flash freezes your bones, and I knew the down coat wouldn’t be enough. Enter the orange wool coat from Zara, a brilliant statement piece for fall that is roomy enough to fit several layers, but not too baggy as a stand-alone piece.

jennifer 3

Staying true to my minimalist nature, I donned simple accessories. A rose headband, an elephant-printed scarf, cat-eye sunnies and small glistening studs were more than enough to decorate the look. I stashed all of my belongings in a The North Face Jester backpack, and I laced up a pair of Nike Free sneaks, a hi-lo style tip I took from the London girls.

jennifer 4

Putting together a fashionable look is like a puzzle: you have to fit the right pieces in the most logical way. Remember that, and you can conquer any event in style.

Always Deviate,



Orange and Blue Magazine

Gents, Ladies

O&B 2

This fall, I was involved in the semester-long production of the spring 2015 issue for Orange and Blue Magazine. After my painstaking work as a writer, photographer and copy editor, and the group’s overall effort to make the spreads Flawless***, I’m happy to announce the magazine is going to print! Before the other staff members and I hand out copies to unsuspecting strangers and leave stacks at random locations (watch out Gainesville, we’re coming for you!), I’m giving you a sneak peek of my favorite section.

O&B 3

O&B 4

Naturally, I took on the glorious task of bringing the fashion spread to life. With a little help from my friends and some inspiration from NYFW all stars, like DVF, Missoni and Trina Turk, I styled more than 15 outfits in less than a week!

When styling these guys and gals, I focused on creating an effortless style with bold colors and fun prints. It was important to highlight something for every occasion, from office chic to a fancy night out or lunch with friends. All of the models are wearing pieces from their own wardrobes, so you can use the outfit details featured in the magazine to easily devise similar styles on a college budget.

O&B 1

Pick up a copy around UF or look through the online version in early December.

Always Deviate,


The last look of summer


Kelsey garden 2

Sixty degrees has finally shown its face in the north central Florida area, so we’re packing away the mini dresses of summer and unleashing the North Face jackets. But before we officially say “so long” to the shorty shorts and the flowing tops, there’s just enough time for a final summer look.

Kelsey garden 1

Kelsey Martinez, a Style Deviant favorite, knows how to glam up for a bye-bye-summer party. Decked out in a geometric black cropped top and wide-legged printed indigo pants, this Fashionista waved goodbye to the warm October days in style.

We accessorized the look with a gorgeous gold bracelet and earrings, added a feathery black necklace and packed a few necessities in a monogramed clutch. Even if you have to throw on one of the aforementioned fluffy jackets, this outfit is totally worth enduring the chilly fall breeze.

Kelsey garden 3

The moment for midriff-revealing tops and comfortable palazzo pants may be fleeting, and it might already be too cold in your town to brave an outfit like this, but it’s never too late to accessorize like a goddess!

Always Deviate,




In the Moment: Sitting Pretty


We’re well into October, and while most people in other parts of the northern hemisphere are making sure to grab a jacket before leaving the house, we’re lounging around in tank tops here in Florida.

Warm days with a light breeze create the perfect setting for flirty skirts and dresses. When I ran into these Fashionistas, I knew I had to let the world know what the University of Florida girl is wearing in the early days of fall. It might as well be springtime over here.



Both of these ladies opted for gorgeous floral styles matched with strappy sandals. On chillier days, it’s also smart to pack a thin long sleeve, like a denim shirt or a soft cardigan. I also found them taking it easy with beautiful smiles on their faces, a nice surprise during midterm season.

Whether you’re enjoying what’s left of the glorious weather of early fall, or you’re starting to bundle up in winterwear, don’t be afraid to incorporate some optimistic flowers into your look. Most importantly, don’t forget your optimistic smile.


Always Deviate,



In the Moment: Simple and Chic

Gents, Ladies

Walking around campus in the early days of a new semester always reminds me of my first morning as a university student. I hopped off my 8 a.m. bus, excited to meet all of the other well-dressed college kids, only to find everyone dressed in T-shirts, gym shorts and Nike Frees. The average attire was disappointing, but UF steadily redeems itself every time I catch beautiful faces looking effortlessly chic in the morning.

Broward girl 1

This Fashionista, outfitted in a beige, embroidered blouse with a navy skirt, is the epitome of elegant college youth. She’s ready to take on the day in tan leather ballet flats, a cream messenger tote and a leopard-detailed bracelet. A look that suits her ready-for-class attitude.

Broward girl 2

Cole 1

This gallantly fashionable gentleman really caught my eye with his minty-fresh pants, a look we’ve seen previously and one that never seizes to surprise me. He contrasted the radiant, resort green with a subtle orange polo to create a pre-fall look ready for the changing seasons.

Cole 2

In college, I’ve learned that not every experience will turn out how you create it in your mind. You have to put your best, most fashionable foot forward and work to make things happen, whether it’s a series of excellent outfits or a series of excellent grades. Put on a smile and be prepared for changes.

Always Deviate,


Annette’s Date with Kate


Annette 1

On a scorching summer afternoon, Annette and I went for a walk with pieces from one of our favorite accessories designer, Kate Spade. Neighbors and their pets peered out their windows as Annette, toting her trinkets, stood in the middle of the street while I snapped some photos. It was awesome.

Summer is at its peak and most Fashionistas are excited to put on glamorous looks that won’t make them melt in the sun. By incorporating a variety of fun and flirty stand-out pieces, like these Kate Spade embellishments, you can create elegant looks for the office, catching up with pals or strolling with a lover, without feeling smothered.

Annette 2

Earlier in the afternoon, I sifted through tanks, tees and tiny shorts in search of a professional look, and came across a breezy orange-and-blue feather tank. We paired it with light jeans, perfect for your walk to class or work, and a blazing red jacket to throw on when you need to get down to business.

“Sometimes you don’t have to match, but you’re so stylish that it still looks good.”

We sneaked out a black KS tote from Annette’s mom’s closet, and after a debate about what shoes to wear (common among ladies our age, do not be alarmed), we settled on a pair of beige pumps with a little attitude.

Annette 3

Strong and successful. Sexy and sweet. This style hits all the marks necessary to get the collegiate ready for the big-girl days of summer.

Annette 4

To create an ensemble for something like grabbing a drink with friends, I paired a sheer white quarter-sleeve top from Francesca’s Collection with black, asymmetrical shorts and added some simple strap heels. Annette and I firmly agreed that the girl who dons this outfit definitely has her life in order, so we worked to make it look impeccably clean.

Annette 6

Then it was time to unleash the bows. Annette pinned on her KS bow earrings and hung a matching bow necklace to give the sleek look a sweet kick. We added a pop of color with a magenta cross-body bag (which doubles as the clutch seen here) and matched with posh pink lipstick.

Annette 5.2

As the season sizzles on, it’s important to establish the one outfit that makes jaws drop where ever you go. What better way to celebrate the white-hot nights of summer than in crisp and clean blanche?

Annette 7

We paired this dazzling white H&M dress with a neat Kate Spade metallic gold belt to make the hue even brighter. Annette strapped on cream heels, and I added a dash of summer fun with the magenta cross-body bag for a sophisticated and savvy touch.

Annette 8

Annette 9

It’s very simple to accomplish a variety of excellent looks with minimal accessories and statement pieces. Whether you want to show off your careerist side or keep it classy out on the town, all you have to do is put on something fun and light, remember your smile and add a little Kate to it.

Always Deviate,




Elise 1

The fashion industry has many serious aspects to it: the hardworking designers, the critical editors and the ambitious sales personnel, but when clothing finally gets to the Fashionista, it’s all about having fun. The most interesting thing about personal style is that with one wardrobe you can blossom into a different person every time you dress.

Whether you’re the college career girl or the Friday night Fashionista, you can style key pieces in your closet in new ways to reinvent yourself, flaunt different sides of your personality and keep life refreshing.

I met up with my pal and fellow study abroad comrade, Elise, to style summer looks that are professional and pretty. As I mature, I find it more important to create looks that are appropriate for a wider range of “grown-up” occasions, so when styling we kept in mind the respectable young lady.


For the office deviant, we paired a soft chambray blouse with coral harem pants. It keeps things interesting since the fabrics are usually reversed on the items. I accessorized with a cool mint necklace and topped it off with a regal bun that says, “Office Style Queen.”


Elise 5

We put together a cobalt-blue blouse with light-wash jeans and nude heels for a casual-Friday kind of look. The eye-catching pattern is subtle enough for the office but ready for drinks at happy hour. The nude cork heels keep the look fun and young because it’s summer, and we haven’t fully entered the dreadful adult world.

Elise 6

Elise 7

This black printed dress layered with a sheer long-sleeve blouse is a look ready for a classy and sassy night out. Realistically, the blouse would never work in Florida due to heat and humidity, but I’m keeping my northern Fashionistas in mind with this tip for cooler nights. We added casual brown wedges and a Michael Kors cross-body to give it an earthy touch.

Elise 8

F. Scott Fitzgerald said life begins over again with the summer, and I’m pretty sure this roaring twenties bon vivant was also referring to fashion. To start anew with your look, you don’t have to go out and buy an entirely different set of clothes. You simply focus on how you want to present yourself that day, and build the courage to show off a renovated style.

Always Deviate,


Get the London Look


I absolutely love London. It is quite literally the best city in the world. The streets ooze with originality and vitality. Everywhere you look, there is technological advancement and radical change that would take any outsider by surprise. And the luxury! “Wealthy” doesn’t even begin to describe the levels of lavishness and classic glamour Londoners enjoy. The city is almost too exquisite to be real life, yet too farfetched for even a dream to create.

Oh, and the fashion is also awe-inspiring. I managed to snap some shots of the London look as I floated through the city on my dream cloud, and I found that Fashionistas twinkle, glow and out-shine any style I’ve seen before.

On a hot London day (unheard of, I know), this Fashionista competes with the sun in a blazing gold sequin skirt and a breezy basic tee.


Summer means bursts of saturated tones and strolls through Oxford Street in sneakers and sandals. Sss-sizzling.


High-waist, acid-wash jeans create a classic look for the Bond Street shopper.

Also spotted were fresh white knits, classic bags and sweet smiles all getting London gals ready for summer!


Always Deviate,


Styling in Paris

Gents, Ladies

I spent some time in Paris recently, and naturally I had my eye out for fashion the entire time. During my treks through the arrondissements of the City of Lights, I spotted style far beyond the capabilities of the American simpleton. Although the weather varies from torrential rain to dreamlike sunshine, Parisian ladies and gents keep their style wits about them by finding inspiration in the fast and fierce city.

I quickly realized that bright colors are a huge NO-NO in Paris. Most adults favor black and navy tones for their coats, and neutral hues like white and beige for garments. Here’s how some Fashionista’s made the weather and the trends work for them.

Cassidy Whitman


A bright lip on a rainy day can help put the clouds away!

Jennifer Hernandez

Louvre 1

DSC_0348Of course there were a few deviants who chose to shine in bright colors.

Opera Boys

Paris showed me that no matter what the weather is like, Fashionista’s use it to their advantage to make sure they look their best!

Always Deviate,


Spring in Your Step


Spring 1

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”

These are a Fashionista’s favorite lines to utter as we enter the season of flower buds and blossoms (The Devil Wears Prada brought our world many gifts), but after wearing puffy down coats and fleece through the treacherous winter months, beautiful floral patterns really are groundbreaking.

I met this Fashionista on my early walk to class in the first days of spring. She wore a cozy knit cropped-sleeve cream sweater to keep her warm in the morning chill, a beautiful navy high-waist skirt with a daisy pattern and stylish Oxford booties. She decorated the look with Ray Bans wayfarer sunnies, a circular owl pendant necklace and a nude watch, and toted a black Longchamp bag.

Spring 2

New Look Sweater

New Look

Nasty Gal Skirt

Nasty Gal

Dorothy Perkins Oxfords

Dorothy Perkins


Note that the outfit is predominantly light, which is something to look forward to in spring, as we often wear grungier colors in the fall and winter. She did a great job with incorporating natural tones, like black, brown and nude, into the look, which can be difficult at times.

Spring 3

Spring means that it’s time to put away those dark pants and worn-out leggings, and vamp up the girly look. Be sweet and dress like a princess. Think Kate Middleton.

Always Deviate,