Test 1 copy

The portrait of the perfect sunset reflects against white hot sunglasses. In the distance, banana tree leaves brush against each other in the afternoon breeze. Vibrant lipsticks bloom among the flora and fauna. Sparkling accessories, little critters in their natural habitat, slither and curl endlessly. This is Glam Island.

For my first test shots at my styling internship, I wanted the tropical tones to emanate a feeling of empowered femininity, possibly gained from walking through the jungle (near the beach!) in stilettos. I dream big. My co-worker, who is clearly a photo and lighting genius, quickly obliged, making the set look like a balmy midsummer afternoon. With a few of the products in the studio, some wooden blocks, a draped faux reptile cloth and a random leaf found in a box in the corner, the show was on the road.

At first, I positioned the Michael Kors Selma satchel at the center of the shot. Its firm structure contrasts its soft, neutral hue, making it the perfect girly tote for summer. (Also, it’s a crowd pleaser.) Then I realized there was much more going on. The glimmering Jessica Simpson princess heels deserved equal attention. A fellow stylist brilliantly rolled up a Chan Luu leopard print scarf like a beach towel, playing on the jungle island theme. Some of the accessories, like the Steve Madden sunglasses and the Kate Spade watch, were made to resemble treasures in the sand, while others, like the Chan Luu necklaces, were coiled up like tropical serpents.

It was a fun challenge to create this odd mixture of summer essentials. I was thrilled that my co-workers, my teammates, were excited to help me realize my vision, and even more excited to play around with these precious products for a few hours. By picking statement pieces that you naturally gravitate to, you can create a look that fulfills your personal style goals, even if those goals are to walk gracefully through nature in strappy sandals.

Always Deviate,




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