Katie’s Office Outfit


Katie 1

Katie Campbell is the image of the college professional. She writes, edits and curates content for a major online news organization. She breaks news on TV and informs listeners on the radio. Most notably, she always shows up in style.

On this Florida afternoon, Ms. Campbell kept it fresh and profesh in an all-black outfit. She matched a simple V-neck blouse with soft pants and added a light-weight blazer with ruche sleeves. But an all-black get up would be blasé without bold accessories, so Katie donned a transfixing necklace with indigo stones, which matched her sapphire blue sandals.

Katie 2

Katie 3

Katie 4

However, Katie’s best accessory was, and always is, her dazzling smile. She’s always ready to help fellow journalists with story or research ideas, she has a wealth of knowledge on just about any topic, and her alluring positive attitude always makes her the first person I greet when I get to class.

Always Deviate,




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