Grad Pics



Today I took my graduation photos. The experience was similar to what I imagine Joan Smalls or Karlie Kloss feel when they strut their stuff during a photo shoot. Rapid-flashing light bulbs, quick camera clicks and theatre-worthy scene changes. I felt like a glamazon.

The shoot was most enjoyable because I had complete control of the art direction. The photographer was kind enough to work closely with me to get the theme just right, instead of just telling me what to do. I aimed for classy college grad with subtle hints of the Gator spirit, and I appreciated that everyone around me (my mom and the photographer, aka, the glam squad) respected my vision for these photos.

I wore a lapis dress from H&M, an orange and blue necklace from Charming Charlie, my favorite Kate Spade leather watch and black leather flats from Steve Madden. The look was simple and casual with a few hints of luxury. I wanted to fill the French salon-inspired room with joyous colors because after four long, arduous years as a college kid, I’M GRADUATING!

Whether you want to capture the end of an important era in your life, or you’re just snapping some fun photos to update your professional profile, make sure you create an environment that makes you feel pretty and confident.

Always Deviate,



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